HPI has developed and registered 116 different dosage forms/pack sizes in the Jordan market representing 56 different brands (molecules) in various therapeutic areas.

Our products were carefully chosen according to local and regional therapeutic trends and market demands. They fall under the following nine product groups:

1. Anti-microbials
2. Gynecological & Dermatological products
3. Gastrointestinal products
4. Antihypertensives and vasoactive products
5. Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antirheumatics and analgesics
6. Neurological and psychiatric products
7. Respiratory products
8. Highly-specific products
9. Licensed products

Other activities of Hayat Pharmaceutical Industries include:

1. Under-license manufacturing
2. Licensing out products
3. Drug registration files
4. R&D: formulation and/ or other (e.g. drug application methods)
5. Marketing and marketing support


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